Neutral Property Market:

In addition to the Buyer's and Seller's markets, there is a third potential type of market to contend with. If the real estate market doesn't favor the seller or the buyer, it is referred to as a neutral market. This could be caused by affordable interest rates leading to an even balance between buyers and sellers. There are no large up's and downs in demand, supply, or prices.

Signs of a Neutral Real Estate Market:

When you compare the number of homes on the market to previous years, it is average.
There is anywhere from three to six months of inventory currently on the market.
Listing prices are similar to prior sales.
The average prices of properties are neither increasing nor decreasing.
The number of buyers has stabilized.
Real estate advertisements are a regular size.
If you see “for sale” signs, they tend to stay up for one month before “sold” stickers are added.