Investment Property Financing
As the name implies, private money lending is the business of lending capital for investments secured through various vehicles, such as real estate.

Although private lenders/companies are easier to find, their rates and terms are often higher then private investors. However, finding a private investor can be tricky and difficult to do on your own. Mostly found through word-of-mouth referrals, private investors can also be found through a real estate mortgage broker.

Finding a private money lender for real estate:

A real estate private money lender is a valuable resource when you want to get a private money loan for real estate. To find a list of professionals specializing in Private Money Lending, go to the nationwide private money lender directory which includes real estate private money lenders.

Applying for a private money loan for real estate:

The first step for any private money loan application is to find a real estate private money lender with the real estate loan type you need and then request an application.