Seller's Property Market:

On the other hand, the Seller's Property Market it's a good time to think about selling your home. This occurs when there are more buyers looking for property than there are properties up for sale. This leads to potential buyers who are willing to pay more than the listed sale price in order to secure the property they want. For sellers, this is good news because it can often result in a quick sale with a higher sale price than you had expected.

Signs of a Seller's Property Market:

When compared with previous years or months, the number of listed homes on the market is low
Fewer than six months’ worth of inventory is currently on the market
Listing prices are higher than the prices of prior sales
The overall closing percentage is higher due to more people buying homes
The average price of homes is on the rise
Advertisements are smaller because there is already a high buyer demand for homes
“For sale” signs don't last too long before they feature a “sold” sticker.